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National Cookie Day: Insomnia Cookies New Chocolate Oatmeal Walnut cookie is a oldie but goodie.

Growing up, some of my favorite memories were anxiously pacing the floor as my sister and I waited for my father’s first batch of Christmas cookies to come out of the oven. To this day, I don't think that there's anything better than a warm and chewy cookie of your choice that makes everything a little better. In honor of national cookie day and as a adamant cookie lover, it’s a must that I share this delicious new addition to Insomnia Cookies flavor lineup. While I do love a basic chocolate chip, Insomnia’s chocolate oatmeal walnut cookie brings a tried & true recipe back to the forefront and I hope it’s here to stay. The delicious mixture of oatmeal packed with chocolate chips and walnut chunks baked to soft yet crispy finish are packed with flavor and large enough to satisfy a late night sweet tooth or to share a piece with a friend. Overall, the chocolate oatmeal walnut deluxe cookies is a must have and is perfect for dunking or with a bowl of ice cream of your choice. Personally, I paired this cookie with two scoops of chocolate ice cream and was immediately whisked away into sweet cookie bliss. For best taste results, I recommend ordering when they are fresh or at least warm. If you are reheating, make sure that you watch your cookies carefully to avoid overheating a ruining a perfect cookie like I did. While it is unknown how long this flavor will be available, I urge you to try them and even send a few as gifts before they disappear. To check to see if you have a Insomnia Cookies location in your area, the popular cookie delivery service has an easy to use locator available on their website

Feel free to leave a comment sharing your experience & thoughts.

Happy Holidays!


- Christina Marie

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